Change Your Life

"If you live in America and you're not a millionaire, you didn't get the memo."
In development

Written by Adam Christing and Brian Godawa 

Adam Christing hosts this hilarious mockumentary following a group of six average Americans pursuing the American dream: Get Rich Quick! And they're going to do it through multi-level marketing. Super Success guru, Simon Martinez and his wife, Melinda (played by Hollywood stars Tony Plana and Ada Maris) are coming to town with their marketing strategy of how to make money, hosted at the big convention called Successpo! Where everyone is a winner, not a whiner, and every sentence ends in an exclamation point! They're just typical people like you or me, trying to make a little extra money, or build a nest egg for their future. But they'll end up doing just about anything to make those big bucks. But just remember one thing: IT'S NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME! HONEST!

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