Cruel Logic on View from the Bunker Podcast

I had a great talk with Derek Gilbert about my new thriller novel Cruel Logic.

Derek’s wife, an accomplished writer of supernatural fiction, gave me an endorsement on the novel:

“Once again, Brian Godawa gives us a master-class novel. Cruel Logic exposes the terrifying truth within a ‘do as thou wilt’ philosophy. When demons crouch at the door, whose truth prevails?”
Sharon K. Gilbert, author The Redwing Saga

Watch or listen to the interview here

Ideas Have Consequences. Extreme Ideas Have Extreme Consequences in Woke Culture.

My new article on woke culture that is published in The Stream.

In 1948, American scholar Richard M. Weaver published a book entitled Ideas Have Consequences. In it, he argued that the decline of Western Civilization was rooted in the philosophical rejection of the notion of absolute truth. This worldview ultimately had devastating effects on western art, education, and morality.

Five years earlier, the Oxford Christian academic C.S. Lewis wrote a book called The Abolition of Man, in which he discussed the consequences of higher education rejecting objective value and natural law. He likened the self-destruction of society believing such ideas to the removal of the very organs of our humanity. “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”

It seems the modern “woke” university is a perfect case study for this universal truth of consequences as students grow up to become the next generation that dominates the culture.

Read the rest of the article here at The Stream


Iron and Myth 20: Scaring the Hell Out of You (Horror Stories and God)

IS IT possible for a story to literally scare the Hell out of you?

Every era has had its stories of monsters, demons, and gods. Those tales can teach some supernatural truth—sometimes by accident.

That’s not to say that we can find the gospel in every tale of horror. But they are “reflections through a distorted lens of godless man.”

I join Derek Gilber’s podcast with Dr. Judd Burton (, author of Interview With the Giant, and Doug Van Dorn (, author of Giants: Sons of the Gods, to discuss our favorite examples of horror that manage to teach us something about the spiritual conflict around us.

Watch or listen here.


Godawa Announces New Theological Thriller Novel “Cruel Logic” on Eric Metaxas Show

I was on Eric Metaxas talking about the release of my new theological thriller novel, Cruel Logic: The Philosopher Killer.

But we also talked about my faith story, my movie career and my Nephilim novels!

Eric was a great host.

Watch or listen here.