Why is America Turning Christophobic? It All Began With the “Wall of Separation”

That’s a Prison Wall for American Christians.

I just released this new 96 page booklet about the historical interpretation of religious freedom in America.

I examine the Founders’ original intent behind the freedom of religion in the First Amendment. I use documented historical sources to tell the story of the transformation of religious freedoms from a “wall of separation” that protected Christianity from the state, into a wall of oppression weaponized by the state against Christianity.

Learn how it all began.

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The End Times: 3 Main Views Explained

Here is a video I did that is part of a larger online course I have available called “Are We Living in the Last Days.”

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Find out how this course will transform your understanding of End Times.

You’ll never see it the same way again.

And you’ll find out why all today’s prophecy pundits are always wrong over and over again.

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The Controversy Over Israel and the End Times

Now Available in Paperback and Ebook

The more I study this issue, the more I see it as crucially important to understanding the Gospel. And the more I come to realize how many Christians misunderstand this issue in today’s climate of “End Times” conspiracy theories.

It’s not a big book, it’s just 106 pages. Packed with Scripture and the kind of fascinating theological insights you’ve come to expect from this theo-dramatic writer.

Israel: the Chosen People, the children of Abraham. They were God’s elect in the Old Testament. But why were they so special to God? And does that specialness carry over to the New Testament? But what about the Church of Jesus Christ? Are there 2 Peoples of God?

It’s all about Jesus, folks. The Old Testament is all about Jesus.

I examine how the promise of God to Abraham was fulfilled in the New Testament through the faithful Israelite, Jesus the Messiah, and how that changes everything.

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Wars and Rumors of Wars: What Jesus Really Said

This author changed my view of the End Times.

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You know that I don’t often recommend books to buy other than my own. And also, you know that Remnant is coming out soon, so I wouldn’t normally do this at this time.

But this author, Gary DeMar has been so influential on my own understanding of the End Times that I dedicated my entire Chronicles of the Apocalypse to him (and Ken Gentry).

I asked him if he would give me a special discount for my fans, and he did!

Click on the link below and use the code: ENDTIMES when you check out the book and you’ll get a 20% discount. It’s only good for that book. (It’s in paperback and CHEAPER in digital!)

I am not exaggerating. This guy is one of the clearest and most biblical writers on the topic.


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Tyrant: Rise of the Beast Now on Audiobook – Angels, Demons, The Book of Revelation

Finally! It’s here!

Listen to the first of the Chronicles of the Apocalypse on Audio. (or get it on ebook or paper)

The apostle John writes the book of Revelation under the brutal regime of the evil emperor Nero. And the message of the secret apocalypse: The terrible judgment of God will shortly take place, and Jesus is coming quickly.

You will believe what happens next…

An epic tale of two cities: Rome and Jerusalem in the first century. A theological novel of spiritual warfare with angels and demons and the end of the old covenant age.

You can get it free if you start an Audible 30-Day Free Trial.

Biblical Sanity in a World of Crazy Prophecy Speculation

Just Released! #1 Seller in Amazon Bible Prophecy category!

I just released this Bible study to go with my new novel, Tyrant: Rise of the Beast.

So many Christians teach outrageous speculation about Bible prophecy. It’s frustrating for serious Bible students. What if you found out most of it is simply mistaken? That the biblical authors were using Old Testament imagery, not a crystal ball gaze into our modern future? What if you found out that everything that modern prophecy pundits are looking for – the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Antichrist, The Beast – was not what they told you it was, but something different?

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Shocking Controversial Godawa Novel on Book of Revelation

Tyrant: Rise of the Beast: Rome, A.D. 64. A Roman prefect and his Jewish servant are ordered by the mad emperor Nero to track down a secret Christian document that undermines the Roman empire and predicts the end of the world. But they’re not prepared for the spiritual warfare they’ve unleashed. The truth behind the origin of the most controversial book of the Bible: Revelation. A historical conspiracy thriller with angels and demons.

It’s coming. It’s controversial. It’s going to cause a protest.

But it’s going to entertain the hell out of you — with the truth of heaven.

It won’t be out until near end of February.

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My New Favorite Bible Scholar: Michael Heiser


Those familiar with my novel series Chronicles of the Nephilim should know that my latest favorite Bible scholar is Michael Heiser. His writing on the fantastic and the strange in the Bible will open your eyes to the supernatural like Elisha’s servant.

But he has a high view of Scripture and steers clear of Christian Crazy Land, that tends to dominate that discussion.

If you don’t know what “Divine Council” means then you must read this guy’s work. It will change your life as it did mine.

I highly recommend his work, and his blog and podcast, which I listen to faithfully.
(His Naked Bible Podcast series on the book of Leviticus turned the most boring book in the Bible for me into one of the most fascinating. Go to iTunes to find those past podcasts)

You can check out his blog and sign up for his newsletter here.

But also, he has a new online course out on Word Studies in the Bible that he did with Johnny Cisneros.
You guys, you need this to do responsible Word studies.

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