So You Want Some Professional Help
with Your Script?

You have a script that you want to sell to Hollywood, but you’re not confident it’s everything it should be. So you want a Hollywood professional writer to give you notes on where to fix your dialogue, story, characters and plot?

If you hire Brian Godawa to be your script doctor, you are NOT hiring a budget script doctor machine of teachers who could never make it as professional writers, you are hiring the award-winning screenwriter of To End All Wars, starring Kiefer Sutherland, who has also written for Hollywood producer Ralph Winter (X-Men, Wolverine) and others. You are hiring an award-winner of such screenwriting competitions as Carl Sautter, The Nicholl Fellowship, Austin Heart of Film, Fade-In, Worldfest, Writer’s Network, Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project, Columbus Discovery Awards and Reader’s Digest Screenplay Competition. You are also hiring a respected author who has published books and articles on screenwriting and worldviews in magazines and websites around the world (check out his resume on this website for more information).

Personal Note: I do not slam your script into a “script program” that churns out cut-and-paste responses, I read each script individually and personally, with an eye toward it’s unique genre and goal of the writer.

I don’t offer a smorgasboard of price choices tailored to get the cheapest shoppers around. I provide premiere interaction tailored to your needs. Sure, we will make some variations on a case-by-case basis for projects that may require adjustments, but I offer one basic price:

Script Doctor Notes — $1500
(for 90-110 page script)

Here is what that includes:

1) First, you send me a logline of your script and a paragraph pitch, much like you would to a producer. If I am interested and available, I will contact you.

2) After I contact you, you will send me a $100 non-refundable fee along with a pdf of your completed script. I will then read it to determine if I can help you. I do not guarantee that I will take the job. The $100 is for my professional time and consideration and is not refundable. If I do not think I can help you with your script, I will let you know and our business is completed. If I do think I can help you with your script, we will take the next step.

3) If I tell you I think I can help you, you will give me the “greenlight” by sending a half payment of $700 on PayPal, and I will write out the following notes for you, depending on need: Notes directly on the pdf script itself as I read it regarding first impressions, typos, formatting errors, and others. Then, I will write out as many as 10 pages of script doctoring notes regarding, story, characters, plot, dialogue or anything else necessary to what I think will make it a better script.

4) I let you know I’ve completed the notes, and you send me the final $700 on PayPal. Then I will send you the notes on email after receiving the $700.

5) The price also includes a one-hour long phone call for any other questions you may have regarding the notes.

Just contact Brian Godawa using the contact link on the top menu above, and we’ll start a dialogue about making your script the best it can be.