Why is America Turning Christophobic? It All Began With the “Wall of Separation”

That’s a Prison Wall for American Christians.

I just released this new 96 page booklet about the historical interpretation of religious freedom in America.

I examine the Founders’ original intent behind the freedom of religion in the First Amendment. I use documented historical sources to tell the story of the transformation of religious freedoms from a “wall of separation” that protected Christianity from the state, into a wall of oppression weaponized by the state against Christianity.

Learn how it all began.

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The New Fascism: How the Supreme Court Undermined the 1st Amendment

You can watch the video at YouTube here.

This is a film clip from a documentary I wrote and directed called Wall of Separation (Now titled “Faith of Our Fathers”)

I am posting it because it is very relevant to the current persecution of Christians that is growing in our country — Nowhere near the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, but a persecution nonetheless by those with the same intent: to ultimately outlaw Christianity.

The new fascism in America. Here is where it all began.

The documentary had its name changed to:
“Faith of Our Fathers” (But it’s still the same documentary)

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