OSCAR WATCH • Room: The Most Powerful Pro-Life Movie Since the Planned Parenthood Exposé


The story of a young girl imprisoned in a small room by her abductor, who escapes with the help of her five year old son, born in that captivity, and what happens after.

This is an emotionally brutal story to watch. It’s not that it’s a horror film, it’s not a thriller or even explicit. It’s because it is so revelatory of human nature in both its evil and its grandeur. It’s more about the power of imagination to overcome the psychological effects of such abuse. And as recent current news events have shown, this kind of thing is quite real.

Whereas most thrillers would end with the girl escaping, this movie’s second half is about the difficulty of both mother and son to overcome the trauma that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. It deals with the aftermath and damage that man’s inhumanity to man wreaks upon victim’s lives as well as their families.

Don’t get me wrong, the movie is quite understated in its realism. We see the strength of this young woman in dealing with her and her son’s issues in the best way she knows how, with her limited yet loving resources. It wrestles with the existential questions: How would a young child born in captivity cope with the smallness of their existence? And how would they see the huge vast world, once released? How frightening would it be to try to enter? And yet, how it is loved ones and friends who help us to fit into that very world. We need each other.

A Case Study in Pro-Life Narrative

There is a big picture going on here. I don’t believe it is without reason that young woman is never named in the film beyond her son’s “Ma.” So in a way she is an archetype for something bigger.  (Brie Larson’s acting in the role is transcendental)

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To Christian Pro-Life Moviegoers: Put Your $ Where Your Mouth Is

I hear people all the time telling me how they wish more storytellers like me would get their movies made. Well, here is an opportunity to support just that.

A movie about the biggest serial killer in American history, the abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell who murdered thousands of LIVE BORN children, not merely in utero, but actually born children. Even pro-choicers should support this story but the media has ignored it because they think that it will jeopardize abortion rights if they publicize the truth.

I know these filmmakers. They tell good stories. They’ve done fantastic documentaries, like Frack Nation. But this will be a feature film. And it will be quality because they’re professional and serious about their craft.

This will not be like Facing the Giants. These filmmakers have a more mainstream sensibility in their filmmaking, and they will work with a pool of Hollywood type professionals.

I supported this film and you should too. In fact, when you do, tell them in the comments that they should hire Brian Godawa to write the script.

CLICK ON THE WIDGET BELOW and it will take you to the website to donate money to the project.

Please do this. I did. We must support these kind of projects..