Psalm 82: Part Six -The Watchers Did Not Make You Do It

These posts are all excerpted from my newest booklet, Psalm 82: The Divine Council of the Gods, the Judgment of the Watchers and the Inheritance of the Nations. You can buy the booklet here.

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Now, let’s get down to business.

In my previous posts, I analyzed Psalm 82 to uncover the narrative of Christ’s victory over the powers. In it, we saw a reiteration of the Deuteronomy 32 worldview that depicted fallen Sons of God from Yahweh’s heavenly host being allotted the Gentile nations as an inheritance. These Watchers over the nations were unjust in their governance, so Yahweh declared he would judge them with death through the resurrection of Messiah, which would take back the allotment from the Watchers and give it to Messiah to inherit the nations.

So, the Watchers lost their allotted lands, authority and power and they died, most likely being thrown into the Lake of Fire.

But some of my readers have asked me, how do you then explain the demonic evil that has been occurring in evil, from world wars to the Holocaust and on. And are there not demons still around today?

Here is my attempt to answer that… Continue reading