Splinter in the Mind’s Eye Podcast: Truth and Writing Biblical Fiction about Ancient Israel

I had a great interview with Mark Combs on the podcast Splinter in the Mind’s Eye.

We talked about the nature of writing biblical fiction and some of the personal aspects of storytelling.

We also talked about my new novel Resistant: Revolt of the Jews and the most important event in ancient Israel’s history that many Christians know very little about.

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Will The Rapture Happen August 12, 2018? NO! Here is Why Prophecy Pundits are Always Wrong.

I had a very in-depth and intense discussion on TruthSeekah about my new book Resistant: Revolt of the Jews and why all the Christian Bible prophecy pundits are always wrong in their predictions about the End Times.

They are ALWAYS wrong. Over and over and over.

It is time to start considering a new way of looking at Bible Prophecy about the Last Days. It is NOT what they told you.

We had a deep talk about how Christians fundamentally misunderstand the End Times as being about our time period, when in fact, Revelation was written for the First Century time period.

I give some proofs from the text of the Bible itself to show that this is the case, and explain how to understand Revelation through the eyes of the ancient writers and readers of Scripture.

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Bible Over Brews Podcast Part 2: How to Resist the Constant Failure of Bible Prophecy Pundits

If you want to listen to the first part, it can be heard here.

We dove into a deep dive of why Bible prophecy about the End Times is VERY important, but not for the reasons you’ve been told.

Listen and you will learn a ton about how the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple in AD 70 was the focal point of the Last Days of the Old Covenant.

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View From the Bunker Podcast: Revolt of the Jews and the End Times. It’s Not What You Think

I was on View from the Bunker with Derek Gilbert to talk about my new book Resistant: Revolt of the Jews and the Book of Revelation.

Derek and I have very opposing beliefs and Derek is very successful in his world of Bible prophecy so he was very kind to have me on his show even though we disagree fundamentally on these issues.

Where we do agree is on the Divine Council in the Scriptures and the Watcher paradigm.

We talk a little bit about all that on this very engrossing discussion.

You won’t want to skip this one.

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Apocalypse Past? AD 70 Temple Desolation Was the Last Days. Yes, Really. Check it Out

The Left Behind Series was captivating because of its fast-paced rhythm and its dispensational appeal. It sold millions of copies. But imagine if a work of fiction was published based on an eschatological position that has gravitas in Church History but also a work of fiction which is based on actual historical events! This is what Hollywood Screenwriter Brian Godawa does in his new series The Chronicles of the Apocalypse. 

In this interview with Pastor Uri Brito, Brian delves into controversial theological areas and explains his rationale behind this successful series.




Resist False Prophets and Their End Times Delusions. Godawa Interview on Bible Over Brews

I had a great interview with the guys on Bible Over Brews.

We talked about various views of the end times, false prophets in the modern church, the forgotten history of the church in the first century, how Nero Caesar persecuted the Christians, how to interpret the Bible in its ancient context NOT based on modern newspaper exegesis, as well as my new novel in the Chronicles of the Apocalypse series.

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Chronicles of the Apocalypse: New Release in the Best-Selling Series

My Third Book in the Apocalypse Series is Now Available on Amazon!

Book 3 in the series. A.D. 67. Nero’s Roman armies plunder the land of Israel. Christian doctor Alexander and his wife Cassandra return to Jerusalem to help the sick, wounded and orphans of war. The Two Witnesses begin their proclamation of God’s judgment as the Roman abomination of desolation approaches the holy city.

The Trumpets are sounding, the Seals are breaking, the Bowls are poured out.

Historically accurate, theologically provocative, action and romance, spiritual warfare.

Here are some Advance Readers’ responses about the series after reading Resistant:

“From the beginning, to the end, The Chronicles of the Apocalypse brings the hard-to-read parts of Revelation to life in a way not seen before.”
Jeremy Eng

“Brian Godawa’s Chronicles of the Apocalypse series is a binge worthy, fast-paced exhilarating thriller of what happened historically and in the unseen realm of AD 67 Jerusalem. Fantastic work!”
Kwame Antwi-Boasiako

“Brian Godawa’s Chronicles of the Apocalypse, is a highly entertaining series that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you experience the spiritual warfare in the earthly and spiritual realms that may have caused the events leading up to and including fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple in 70AD.
Mark Gerger

“Once again Brian has weaved his excellent storytelling and in-depth research into the best documented and most enjoyable historical biblical fiction I have ever read.”
Jeff Hopper