Chronicles of the Nephilim Full-Color Character Picture Book Now Available

These full-color pictures of my cast of characters in every Chronicles novel will blow your imagination! From Noah Primeval to Jesus Triumphant. All 8 novels!

I have hired the great AI artist, Cam Harless, to do the images with my direction. He is famous for his AI image posters of US Presidents reimagined as babies, as comic book villians, and with mullet hair cuts! (, Twitter: @hamcarless).

And now I finally have released an 80 page full-color book of all those characters, both major and minor, including alot of the supernatural creatures in the novels. Wait till you see the many iterations of Leviathan! My Nephilim are the scariest realistic looking images of giants. And my heroes, Noah, Enoch, David, Joshua, Jesus are memorable.

It’s a GREAT handy visual reference as you read the novels. They’ll boost your imagination as you read the novels.

And this collector’s item is available in hardcover, paperback and ebook exclusively on Amazon.

You will LOVE this addition of visual imagination to the Chronicles universe.

You will believe.

And, YES, I am working on a Character Picture Book for the Chronicles of the Watchers and Chronicles of the Apocalypse. I’ll let you know when that is available.

In the meantime…

Check out the New Picture Book here (in paperback, hardcover or Kindle)

To End All Wars Voted One of 29 Best WWII Movies on IMDB


See the Wrap’s list of 29 WWII Films with a 7/10 rating on IMDB.

Woo Hoo! After all these years, it’s become a classic. Check it out. It’s 5th on the page list.

To End All Wars was my first feature film that I wrote that got produced.

It stars Kiefer Sutherland in one of his best roles ever, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you can on Amazon Video here.

ONLY $1.99 to Rent. What are you waiting for?

Makes a nice compliment to the awesome Hacksaw Ridge out in theaters now.


Hollywood Worldviews: The Seminar • 5 Powerful Lectures by Brian Godawa


I have been dying to get these videos done for you!

This is the most recent, most developed and most powerful version of this seminar ever.

All the videos are also sold separately. Discount if you buy all 5.

As a Hollywood screenwriter and best-selling novelist, I explore the power of storytelling in movies and in the Bible. I reveal the elements of worldview, and how storytelling incarnates meaning and worldview. I explain the nature of subversion, and how narratives compete and win in the culture wars of both movies and the Bible. I examine the Bible as a model for analyzing how sex, violence and profanity may be used in movies and storytelling. I look at four differences between exposing sin and exploiting sin. I describe the 9 basic elements of story structure used in movies and the Bible to communicate redemption. I describe the genre of horror and explain the 4 ways that horror is used redemptively in the Bible and in movies.

I think you will love these Powerpoint presentations with film clips!

5 Videos include:

  1. Incarnation in the Movies
  2. Subversion in the Movies
  3. Sex and Violence in the Bible
  4. Redemption in the Movies
  5. Horror: A Biblical Genre

High resolution MP4 downloads or MP3 audio only.

All the videos are also sold separately. Discount if you buy all 5.

Check it out the Store here.