Podcast: Ezekiel’s End Times Prophecies: It’s Not What They Told You

I have a new series of teachings on the Jared 2.0 podcast! This one is on the prophecies of Ezekiel.

The Valley of Dry Bones.

Gog and Magog.

The End Times Temple.

Jared and I look at all these controversial prophecies of Ezekiel.

Futurists still insist their sci-fi Marvel Universe interpretations are biblical.

But they keep turning out wrong.

See how these prophecies were fulfilled in the time of Esther and in the New Covenant.

It’s powerful, beautiful and biblically satisfying.

Check it out here.

Podcast: Daniel 12 – The Time of the End, NOT the End of Time

Jared Chrestman and I finish up our examination of Daniel with this climactic chapter.

When is the End of Days?

Is the Resurrection in this chapter a metaphor like in Ezekiel or literal?

Futurist speculations break down and just don’t address the complex web of prophetic symbolism that runs through the entire book and climaxes here.

Understand Daniel and you will understand the book of Revelation.

Watch it here.

Podcast: Daniel 9 – The 70 Weeks & The Abomination of Desolation

This is one of the most fascinating podcasts I’ve done with Jared Chrestman in a while on his show Through the Black.

I go through Daniel 9 and the infamous 70 Weeks prophecy that leads to the Messiah and the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel and Jesus.

Some think this passage includes both the Christ and a future Antichrist thousands of years later.

I prove that it does not refer to a future Antichrist.

But it makes it that much more of a powerful and beautiful prophecy.

This could be one of the most central prophecy passages in the Bible because it gives the most precise dating for the arrival of Messiah.

Watch or listen here.

Podcast: Daniel & Bible Prophecy: It’s Not What They Told You

So, Jared and I started a new series on Bible Prophecy at Through the Black.

This one is Daniel & Bible Prophecy: It’s Not What They Told You.

First episode here is introduction to Daniel chapter 2: The giant metal monster statue.

And yet again, It ain’t what modern Bible prophecy pundits are telling you.

Check it out here.

Podcast: End of Days or Have Prophecy Pundits Sold Out God’s Kingdom?

Jared Chrestman and I were on Robbie Davidson’s Podcast Celebrate Truth to talk about the modern Prophecy Industrial Complex.

Many Christians think these are the Last Days and the COVID vaccine is the mark of the Beast.

They couldn’t be more biblically wrong.

We talk about how much prophecy is misinterpreted to believe that God’s Kingdom on earth will be a failure to be rescued at the last minute by the return of Christ.

We think differently.

Listen to it here.

Podcast: Revelation 22 – Is Revelation in our future or our past? The Biblical answer will shock you.

Jared Chrestman and I talk about the time texts in Revelation 22 and through all of Revelation as well as the rest of the New Testament.

The clear biblical answer to the question of what it meant that Christ was coming soon, that he was coming quickly, that the time was near, that the things of Revelation would shortly take place.

Here is how the first century church understood the words and acted accordingly.

And it ain’t what most pop prophecy pundits are telling you.

Watch it here.

Podcast: Revelation 21 – What is the New Jerusalem?

Jared Chrestman and I talk about the New Heavens and Earth as well as the New Jerusalem.

All attempts to hyperliteralize these symbolic images crumble into heaps of interpretive dust blown away by the ancient Hebrew context.

And what they are is beautiful theology of new covenant and community.

See why in this climactic conclusion to the book of Revelation.

Watch it here.

Podcast: Revelation 20 – What is the Millennium? How is Satan Bound? What is Gog and Magog?

Jared and I talk about the most controversial chapter in the Bible: Revelation 20.

Whole schools of thought fight against each other, declaring each other heretics for their difference.

What is the truth about it?

Now, we finally have the only true answer that everyone else has gotten wrong.

Just kidding. We wouldn’t be that arrogant.

But we do think there are some things that the usual suspects of the Bible Prophecy Industrial Complex are missing.

Watch it here.