Hollywood Worldviews: The Seminar • 5 Powerful Lectures by Brian Godawa


I have been dying to get these videos done for you!

This is the most recent, most developed and most powerful version of this seminar ever.

All the videos are also sold separately. Discount if you buy all 5.

As a Hollywood screenwriter and best-selling novelist, I explore the power of storytelling in movies and in the Bible. I reveal the elements of worldview, and how storytelling incarnates meaning and worldview. I explain the nature of subversion, and how narratives compete and win in the culture wars of both movies and the Bible. I examine the Bible as a model for analyzing how sex, violence and profanity may be used in movies and storytelling. I look at four differences between exposing sin and exploiting sin. I describe the 9 basic elements of story structure used in movies and the Bible to communicate redemption. I describe the genre of horror and explain the 4 ways that horror is used redemptively in the Bible and in movies.

I think you will love these Powerpoint presentations with film clips!

5 Videos include:

  1. Incarnation in the Movies
  2. Subversion in the Movies
  3. Sex and Violence in the Bible
  4. Redemption in the Movies
  5. Horror: A Biblical Genre

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All the videos are also sold separately. Discount if you buy all 5.

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