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God Against
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Myth Became Fact

God Against the gods

How God Captures the Imagination

 Brian Godawa, Hollywood screenwriter and best-selling novelist, explores the nature of imagination in the Bible and how it relates to apologetics and evangelism.

He explains how God subverts pagan religions by appropriating their imagery and creativity and redeeming them within a Biblical worldview.

Improve your imagination in glorifying God and defending the faith.

You will discover what C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Francis Schaeffer understood about Christian apologetics and Biblical evangelism.

Here are the Chapters and what you will learn:

 Demonizing the Pagan Gods
God verbally attacked his opponents, pagans and their gods, by using sarcasm, mockery and name-calling. Demonization is not wrong if they really are demonic.

Old Testament Storytelling Apologetics
Israel shared creative images with their pagan neighbors: The sea dragon of chaos, and the storm god. The Bible invests them with new meaning.

 Biblical Creation and Storytelling
Creation stories in the ancient Near East and the Bible both express a primeval battle to create order out of chaos. But how do they differ?

The Universe in Ancient Imagination
A comparison and contrast of the Biblical picture of the universe with the ancient pagan one. What’s the difference?

 New Testament Storytelling Apologetics
Paul’s sermon to the pagans on Mars Hill was subversive storytelling: Retelling society’s narrative through a Gospel lens.

 Imagination in Prophecy and Apocalypse
How God uses symbolism to both obscure and reveal meaning in prophecy.

 An Apologetic of Biblical Horror
Learn how God uses the genre of horror in the Bible as a powerful moral tool to communicate spiritual, social and moral truth.


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