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“Political Correctness Vs. Academic Freedom.”

Written & Directed by Brian Godawa

Diversity in higher education has been defined in terms of race, gender and class. Critics say this has resulted in a new tyranny of anti-Western prejudice. They claim education has turned into indoctrination of political ideology that undermines the university’s goal of intellectual diversity and freedom. Supporters say this is a triumph over white European patriarchy that has unfairly dominated and distorted education with a Western prejudice. They reveal an underlying systemic structure of oppression against minorities in traditional definitions of “knowledge.” Who is right? Who is wrong? Where does the truth lie? Or is truth a social construct created in the interest of the ruling class? Godawa explores the battlefield of this raging war of cultural beliefs and educational standards going on in ivy league citadels like Harvard, Princeton and Yale, but also in state schools all around the country.

Lines that DivideLines that Divide

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“The Great Stem Cell Debate.”

Written & Directed by Brian Godawa

Stem cell research: A potential miracle cure for diseases or a form of biological colonialism? The debate still rages over this controversial science. Supporters argue that it is our moral duty to pursue scientific progress that provides healing hope for humanity. Detractors argue that the ends don’t justify the means in harvesting some human life to save others. This documentary seeks to educate the public on the scientific basics of stem cell research and the moral issues surrounding it as we enter the 21st century.

Faith of Our Fathers

(Previously titled Wall of Separation)

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“The Phrase that Divided America.”

Written & Directed by Brian Godawa

The “wall of separation” is a metaphor deeply embedded in the American consciousness, and an idea that continues to cause deep controversy within the country. In this historical documentary, Godawa takes a look at what the Founding Fathers intended when they framed the Constitution and wrote the First Amendment religion clauses. Were they trying to create a Christian nation, a secular paradise, or something in between?

The documentary takes a look at how our understanding of church and state relations has changed through history by means of Supreme Court decisions and cultural pressures. From Everson vs. Board of Education to the most recent decisions over Ten Commandments displays, such interpretations are explored in comparison with the Founder’s original intent. This raises questions: Should “original intent” guide modern interpretation? Should government be secular, or should religion have influence on the State? There are no easy answers to this ongoing debate that polarizes the nation.