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Psalm 82

 The Shocking Biblical Truth Behind the Most Mysterious Psalm 

Best-selling Christian author Brian Godawa examines Psalm 82 to reveal its fascinating storyline of the Sons of God who surround the heavenly throne.

They’re more than just angels. Way more.

This booklet is author Godawa’s biblical proof for the narrative he follows in his two best-selling series Chronicles of the Nephilim and Chronicles of the Apocalypse.

The Divine Council of the Gods

First, Godawa examines the amazing Biblical truth that God has a myriad of divine beings that surround his throne, counsel with God, and carry out his decisions.

The Judgment of the Watchers

But then God gives the Gentile nations over to be ruled by some of these divine beings, who are also called Watchers.

The Watchers rule unjustly and become false gods. As a result God promises to punish them by taking away their immortality.

The Inheritance of the Nations

And all of this will be accomplished through Messiah, who would take back the nations from the Watchers.

But when did all this happen? And where?

Get this booklet and you’ll find the answers that will open up a storyline in the Bible that will change your life.

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