By Brian Godawa

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Ralph Winter’s Foreword
Preface to the new edition – “God Loves Movies”

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Appendix: To End All Wars – Behind the Scenes

Movie Exegesis:

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The Matrix Series (EPA Award best article)
Forrest Gump
A Beautiful Mind
Minority Report
War Movies Through the decades


A History of the Dramatic Arts
An Apologetic of Horror
The Book of Enoch: Scripture, Heresy, or What?
Leviathan: Sea Dragon of Chaos
Whatsoever Comes to Pass: A Personal Pilgrimage Towards God’s Sovereignty

First Chapters of Godawa’s Novels

Noah Primeval (First Chapters)
Enoch Primordial (First Chapters)
Gilgamesh Immortal (First Chapters)
Abraham Allegiant (First Chapters)
Joshua Valiant (First Chapters)
Caleb Vigilant (First Chapters)
David Ascendant (First Chapters)
Jesus Triumphant (First Chapters)