Public Speaking

This Guy Keeps talking about Movies, Worldviews, & Faith.

Brian Godawa is an entertaining public speaker. He’s passionate, witty, and speaks about thought-provoking ideas that keeps audiences riveted. He has spoken all around the world at churches, community groups, and universities on the subject of movies, worldviews, and faith.

He uses eye-catching Powerpoint visuals and lots of movie clips to illustrate what he talks about. These are not heady public lectures, but riveting and entertaining conversations that leave your audience talking for days after.

Click here, and you’ll get info on some of his more popular presentations, adaptable to whatever your needs are. But he has other talks available, and can tailor one to your audience. Just contact him for more information.

If you want to know what others are saying about these presentations, click and read the endorsements. Sorry, there are so many of them. We told you, he’s a conversation starter.