“Brian Godawa offers a worldview analysis of Hollywood that is penetrating and sophisticated. While most movie reviews from Christian sources tend to be somewhat simplistic and moralistic, Godawa aims his worldview detector beneath the surface to identify and critique the underlying themes that shape our culture. This is worldview training at its best.”

Nancy Pearcey, author, Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity
Francis A. Schaeffer Scholar, World Journalism Institute

“Brian Godawa is as good in person as he is in his book, Hollywood Worldviews. As a Christian screenwriter who hasn’t flinched in the heat of the Hollywood cultural conflicts, Godawa continues to throw down the cultural and creative engagement gauntlet to our students.”
Robert Case
Director, World Journalism Institute

“I have heard Brian Godawa present his Christian worldview approach to movie interpretation on several occasions, in both small and large settings. As one who is himself strongly committed to the full implications of the Christian worldview, I can most highly endorse his presentations as invaluable to concerned Christians. Mr. Godawa’s careful analysis of movies is built upon his solid understanding of the Scriptures. Once he has walked you through his interpretive process, you will never look at movies the same. You will watch them as thoughtful Christians, recognizing the underlying message for what they truly are.”
Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., M. Div., Th. M., Th. D.
Pastor, Fairview Presbyterian Church, South Carolina

“Mr. Godawa is a mature Christian who loves movies and helps others to watch them with a discerning, yet appreciative eye. His presentations to our church were amazing and extremely helpful, not to mention entertaining! He was challenging, yet sensitive to the wide variety of Christian concerns. We heartily recommend him to any church or Christian school that wants to “interact redemptively” with their culture from a biblical worldview. Guaranteed, everyone will be challenged to think and understand movies and the arts in a new way.”
Steve Camarillo
North Coast Calvary Chapel
Mars Hill Discovery Center

“Brian Godawa is a resource that every Christian school in the country could benefit from. Not only is he a working professional in Hollywood, but he is a dedicated Christian with an uncanny ability to meet the student population-one, mind you, that is steeped in popular culture-exactly where they are at and unlock truths about the films they see in a way that is both entertaining and enlightening. It has been two months since he came to speak on our campus, and students are still talking about the things Brian presented. Our students are already wondering when we can bring him back again.”
Darren Wilson
Professor of Writing and Media
Judson College, Illinois

“Brian Godawa is a rare find in the Christian media world. Neither starstruck by Hollywood nor escapist from our task as believers in culture, Brian brings a radically Biblical perspective. His message is sure to challenge and entertain.”
John R. Hamilton, Ph.D.
Director, Cinema and Broadcast Arts program
Azusa Pacific University

“Brian gave an enjoyable and informative presentation to our church, Hope Chapel. We are now prepared to identify the worldviews presented by Hollywood so that we can be equipped to present a Christian perspective during our discussion of the movies.”
Steve Sanchez
Associate Pastor
Hope Chapel, California

“Brian was a hit right from the start! He engaged our students with challenging questions and incisive comments. His breadth of knowledge and understanding of his craft are evident as he moves from philosophy, to pop-culture, to history, and beyond. The greatest measure of a speakers success is what happens after he leaves campus. Do the students carry what he said with them into their classes? I can tell you that our students still cite Godawa six months after he visited! Now that’s what I call a success!”
Laura S. Byland, MFA
Director of Theatre
Oklahoma Baptist University