Debate: The Harlot of Babylon – 21st Century America or 1st Century Israel?

I was on Parker’s Comparables, a podcast that engages differing interpretations of the Bible. Hosted by the wonderful hostess Parker J. Cole.

This one was on the book of Revelation. Are the prophecies of Revelation for our future or were they for the first century?

Then we focused on: Who is the Harlot that rides the Beast of Revelation?

Is she a symbol for modern America, as Doug Woodward believes?

Or is she a symbol for the first-century apostate Jewish priesthood as I argue for?

The discussion is mostly friendly until Doug breaks civility at one point and slanders me with a false ad hominem, an attack on the person instead of the idea or argument. But I called him out on it. I turned the tables on him, and then we got back to civility. Eschatology can get exciting! 🙂

I am telling you, this debate is an excellent example of why it is important to stick to Scripture rather than speculations when you want to understand prophecy.

Check out the debate here.

I just released the third novel of my series Chronicles of the Apocalypse, that actually show you how the Harlot and the Beast play out in the first century.

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