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Rise of the Beast

The Origin of the Book of Revelation

An explosive tale of spiritual warfare and the origin story of the most controversial book of the Bible: Revelation. Book one in the shocking controversial series Chronicles of the Apocalypse.

Hatred of Christians is Nothing New

Ancient Rome, A.D. 64. Alexander is a young Jewish doctor torn between his loyal Roman citizenship and his passionate Jewish faith. As a personal physician to Roman Prefect Severus, he is ushered into the circle of the evil emperor Nero Caesar, a tyrannical beast with diabolical plans of Christian genocide.

Nero blames the Great Fire of Rome on the Christians, which leads to the horrific persecution of the early church including the martyrdom of the apostles Peter and Paul. Alexander finds himself in the middle of this madness, trying to stay alive and protect the Jews from the emperor’s paranoia.

Nero discovers that an unknown apostle has written a secret apocalypse scroll rumored to prophesy the destruction of Rome and the end of the world. So he orders Severus and Alexander to find the author, destroy all copies of his scroll and kill him.

But Severus’s servant, a bold Christian woman named Cassandra, holds a dark secret that opens the door to a world of spiritual warfare they’re not ready to face. It will lead them directly to the true meaning of the apocalypse, the book of Revelation, and it will change their lives forever.

Spiritual Warfare, Sword and Sorcery, Angels and Demons

The human story is not the only one in the book of Revelation or in this series. Chronicles of the Apocalypse shows the evil plans of Satan and his fallen angels the Watchers masquerading as gods of the nations at war. This gang of demons is not going down easily.

EXTRA BONUS: Historical and Biblical Facts Behind the Fiction

The novel is over 300 pages with an additional 100 pages of endnotes. You’ll get extensive research with each chapter that proves the historical fulfillment of the book of Revelation depicted in this novel. The story draws from ancient Roman, Christian and Jewish sources for the events surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple in the first century.

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