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When Watchers Ruled the Nations

The Sequel to the Best-Selling Book, When Giants Were Upon the Earth

Box set of four Chronicles of the Watchers research books in one volume:

Psalm 82
The Spiritual World of Jezebel and Elijah
The Spiritual World of Moses and Egypt
The Spiritual World of Ancient China and the Bible

For those who want serious study of the topics of the Unseen Realm in the Bible:

  • The divine council of the gods
  • The authority of the Watchers, Sons of God
  • Territorial spirits and the inheritance of the nations
  • Angels and demons, principalities and powers, spiritual warfare
  • Host of heaven, Shining Ones and the stars
  • Leviathan the sea dragon of chaos vs. creation
  • The gods of Canaan and Jezebel vs. Yahweh and Elijah
  • Child sacrifice in Israel and the cult of the dead
  • The gods of Egypt and Pharaoh vs. Yahweh and Moses
  • The truth about the ten plagues and the Exodus
  • The connection between ancient China, the Tower of Babel and the Bible
  • Dragons and the Babylonian Magi in China
  • The cosmic war between the Seed of the Serpent and the Seed of Messiah.

Respected Christian author Brian Godawa shares the Biblical, ancient historical and mythical research that undergirds the fiction behind his best-selling novel series, Chronicles of the Watchers, Bible stories retold through a supernatural lens of the ancient Hebrew worldview.

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