The Controversy Over Israel and the End Times

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The more I study this issue, the more I see it as crucially important to understanding the Gospel. And the more I come to realize how many Christians misunderstand this issue in today’s climate of “End Times” conspiracy theories.

It’s not a big book, it’s just 106 pages. Packed with Scripture and the kind of fascinating theological insights you’ve come to expect from this theo-dramatic writer.

Israel: the Chosen People, the children of Abraham. They were God’s elect in the Old Testament. But why were they so special to God? And does that specialness carry over to the New Testament? But what about the Church of Jesus Christ? Are there 2 Peoples of God?

It’s all about Jesus, folks. The Old Testament is all about Jesus.

I examine how the promise of God to Abraham was fulfilled in the New Testament through the faithful Israelite, Jesus the Messiah, and how that changes everything.

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2 comments on “The Controversy Over Israel and the End Times

  • I have been a Christian most of my life and I never questioned the traditional views that the Old Testament pointed to Jesus and that He was the Messiah of the Jewish people… until I read this website:

    I still consider myself a Christian and believe Jesus Christ is God, but what if we interpreted the OT wrong? What if He isn’t necessarily THE messiah of the Jews? What if they get their own savior while gentiles have Jesus? Does any of this really matter?

    • Hi, Brock. Thanks for your comments. Looking at that website shows me that they don’t even know their own Scriptures, which is not surprising, since they didn’t accept Messiah when he came. Michael Brown is a Jewish Christian who does a good job of proving the Messiah was Jesus from Scriptures. He has a lot of videos on Youtube and some good books going through all the prophecies. One of the most prominent of prophecies about the Messiah is that he would bring the Gentiles in as his people WITH the Jews who would believe in Messiah. The Messiah was always a single figure who brought together Jew and Gentile.

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