Genesis to Revelation – Audio

6 Audio Lectures by Brian Godawa
MP3s (100 MB)
Approx. 6 hours

The Bible is not a textbook of systematic theology. It is a story, God’s story of how He saves His people. Genesis to Revelation: Understanding the Bible as Story is a 6-week class that provides a narrative approach to theology that will help you understand your own place as an actor in the unfolding drama of the Kingdom. You’ll take a rollercoaster ride through the ups and downs of the narrative of the entire Bible, exploring some of its exciting plot twists and how it ultimately relates to our lives.

NOTE: A couple of the lectures had technical problems that caused some annoying sound problems, but all the lectures are entirely audible.

Story: Understanding God through Narrative
Creation: People, Land, Temple
Fall: Primeval History, Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
Israel: Election, Exodus, Exile, Return
Messiah: New Covenant, New Creation,
Church: New Israel, New Temple, New Jerusalem, Resurrection
Student Worksheet and additional reading material for each lecture included.

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