Fight the Christophobic Madness in Hollywood Storytelling


If you are tired of how Hollywood rapes the Bible and subverts its stories for their Christophobic agenda, BUT you still would like to read movie-like stories of Biblical heroes as action adventure, and spiritual warfare, (Giants, Watchers and demons included) then start reading Chronicles of the Nephilim now.

You’ll be ready for the fantastical climax of Jesus Triumphant in June this year.

Chronicles of the Nephilim are on Kindle, paperback or audiobook exclusively at

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P.S. If you have a weak stomach or can’t handle biblical sex and violence, then this series will challenge you. There’s a lot of evil out there to redeem.

P.P.S. If you think this is another cheesy Christian attempt at “preaching” through art, you will be sorely disappointed. I hate that crap.

One comment on “Fight the Christophobic Madness in Hollywood Storytelling

  • Hello Mr. Godawa.
    Been interested in this series for a while just haven’t had the time or money to read and buy it. I will shortly. If you don’t mind I’d like to share a bit of my personal life. I was raised Christian Reformed went to a Christian school, went to a Pentacostal youth group. But after high school as I went into college I found I couldn’t defend my faith or make any sense of it. Slowly, I ended becoming an athiest. It wasn’t until two years that I realized that I was a slave to my sins. I realized that there is more than matter. For some reason I stumbled across your website, watched some of the movies you recommended (Machine Gun Preacher, your own To End All Wars) and I began to see the worldviews that the filmmakers put into their stories (the anti-christianity in V for Vendetta).
    Also I been reading the papers that you and Michael S. Heiser have written concerning how to read the Bible and it has been a great help. Even though I still struggle with the guilt of my sins and some understanding I am able to understand and defend my faith. I question I have is how do I read into the Bible theologically? The concept escapes me. Does it mean I shouldn’t look at it historically? Any help would be appreciated.


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