Godawa on Stand To Reason: Storytelling, Imagination, Apologetics in the Bible

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The brilliant and very friendly Brett Kunkle interviewed me on the Stand To Reason Podcast here.

We talked about some heavy stuff. Guaranteed to fascinate you. The need for Christian artists to be theologically informed and the need for theological Christians to be artistically informed from the Bible. Art, aesthetics, beauty are not merely acceptable, they are necessary to knowing God properly. But also, did you know God used artistic imagination to defend the faith? Did you know God used subversion to redeem pagan imagination and pagan art?

This is the book we talked a lot about: God Against the gods.

Here is the video presentation of God Against the gods.


2 comments on “Godawa on Stand To Reason: Storytelling, Imagination, Apologetics in the Bible

  • Jennifer Downer says:

    I really enjoyed your interview, and I’m now reading your blog and watching your videos. I hope to read a novel someday (when I have more time). I wanted to thank you for your encouragement and inspiration, in my own creative endeavors. For me, this takes the form of occasionally writing poetry, and is something I would like to do more often. The idea of art, beauty and aesthetics being necessary to knowing God, is something that never occurred to me. It doesn’t seem to be a large part of Christian culture, especially in my little corner of the world. And to see how it is to be balanced with the study of Biblical truth, including apologetics, is an approach I want to take. Keep up the great work, as it is a blessing to many!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Jennifer. God bless you on that difficult journey. I am glad to have been of some encouragement.

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