Hollywood Worldviews: Violence in the Bible and Movies

Check out this short YouTube video on Violence in the Bible.

The Bible is quite explicit at times in its depiction of gory, gross or disgusting acts of evil.
Learn why it is important to God that evil be depicted accurately in stories, or the redemption of the story will not be believable.

The Bible is Rated R. Parental Discretion is advised.

You can find out more about the series here, including buying the downloads.


2 comments on “Hollywood Worldviews: Violence in the Bible and Movies

  • Truth unites... And divides says:

    Hi Brian. Was cruising the blogosphere and Steve Hays had a post up involving the movie Machine Gun Preacher. Never ever heard of the movie. Went to Amazon to read the reviews.

    Then I wondered whether you ever wrote a review. Sho nuff, you did. Thanks for your 2-part review.

    Guess, I’ll have to buy it so I can watch it. I’m just kinda surprised that a studio green lighted it.

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