Iron and Myth 24 – Tis the Season to Talk About Giants

Studying topics like giants, gods, and dragons in the Bible is important.

But does focusing on these subjects detracts from the message of love, grace, and salvation in Jesus Christ?

Brian Godawa (, best-selling author of the new novel Cruel Logic, Doug Van Dorn (, author of Giants: Sons of the Gods, and Dr. Judd Burton (, author of Interview With the Giant, join us to discuss the significance of geographic locations and religious context in biblical events with Derek Gilbert on A View From the Bunker.

Jesus himself waged war with demons, principalities and powers who rebelled against their Creator. We need a comprehensive theology that includes historical, cultural, and biblical knowledge. Without it, we cannot recognize or understand the devices of the enemy.

As our good friend the late Dr. Michael Heiser used to say, “If it’s in the Bible and it’s weird, it’s probably important.”

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