Iron and Myth – Psalm 29 – What does Baal have to do with Yahweh anyway?

The Psalms are often polemics directed at the gods of the pagan nations around Israel. Case in point is the subject of this month’s Iron and Myth roundtable, Psalm 29.

Host Derek Gilbert, Dr. Judd Burton (, author of Interview With the Giant, Brian Godawa (, best-selling author of the new novel Cruel Logic, and Doug Van Dorn (, author of Giants: Sons of the Gods, discuss Psalm 29 and its interpretation from a divine counsel perspective.

We explore the translation of the Hebrew phrase bene elim as “sons of God” and its connection to the divine council (Psalm 82:1).

We also discuss the similarities between Psalm 29 and Canaanite poetry about Baal, suggesting that the psalm may be a subversive polemic against Baal worship.

We also highlight the geographical references in the psalm and their significance in relation to the storm-god language. It’s important to recognize these similarities and understand the cultural context of the biblical world.

Not only did the Hebrew prophets and psalmists take direct aim at the gods of their pagan neighbors, their writings reveal Christ in the Old Testament.

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