My New Favorite Bible Scholar: Michael Heiser


Those familiar with my novel series Chronicles of the Nephilim should know that my latest favorite Bible scholar is Michael Heiser. His writing on the fantastic and the strange in the Bible will open your eyes to the supernatural like Elisha’s servant.

But he has a high view of Scripture and steers clear of Christian Crazy Land, that tends to dominate that discussion.

If you don’t know what “Divine Council” means then you must read this guy’s work. It will change your life as it did mine.

I highly recommend his work, and his blog and podcast, which I listen to faithfully.
(His Naked Bible Podcast series on the book of Leviticus turned the most boring book in the Bible for me into one of the most fascinating. Go to iTunes to find those past podcasts)

You can check out his blog and sign up for his newsletter here.

But also, he has a new online course out on Word Studies in the Bible that he did with Johnny Cisneros.
You guys, you need this to do responsible Word studies.

Sign up for the one-of-a-kind video course:

4 comments on “My New Favorite Bible Scholar: Michael Heiser

  • Linda Traylor says:

    Thank you! Yes, Dr Heiser is also my new favorite Bible scholar and I truly am enjoying his Naked Bible podcasts. I listen to Chuck Missler every morning and Dr Heiser every time he publishes a new podcast and I am thoroughly enjoying them both. And I have been learning so much from the Bible Word Nerd. I had looked at the Blue Letter Bible and used it a little; but now I am enjoying learning how to use it to find what I want to find. How I wish I had had all of this forty years ago when I realized how much I did not know about the Bible. Thank you for commenting on this and letting others know about all of this. Many people will be very grateful once they try these two new sites (to them).

    • Thanks, Linda.
      Isn’t it great that it’s never too late to learn or change your mind? God is patient with us, even with our bad theology of him! 🙂

  • Mark A Olsen says:

    Heiser’s “Supernatural” and “Unseen Realm” has transformed my whole view of my faith. And my father’s too–even though he has two seminary degrees and is a former foreign missionary, long-time pastor and beloved Bible scholar. My father and I are now missionaries of Heiser’s work. It’s incredible.

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