Peeranormal Podcast: Quantum Physics and Metaphysics

Careful. You are entering the DEEEEEEEP zone here. If you don’t like thinking, then pass this by.

I was a cohost on this Peeranormal podcast with Michael Heiser and other cohosts, including a theoretical physicist. ( Mike Heiser, Trey Stricklin, Doug Overmyer, Natalie Howdeshell, Doug Van Dorn, Brian Godawa – along with our very distinguished guest, Putty Putman)

This episode launches a series on quantum mechanics and its presumed relationship to metaphysical ideas, religion, theology, and the paranormal. During the series we’ll be joined by Dr. Rob (“Putty”) Putman, who holds a PhD in theoretical quantum physics, but now pastors a church in Illinois. In this first episode, we survey the history of quantum mechanics and talk about how some of the important ideas are used to make metaphysical statements about all of reality—statements that are inherently theological and religious. Are such statements accurate? What can we really say about the nature of reality and God on the basis of quantum physics?


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