Podcast Debate: Are We in the Last Days? I Say NO! And I Win.

Okay, I admit the headline is provocative and hyperbolic (just like Bible prophecy). I was only joking, Doug.

Actually, It was a VERY friendly discussion more than a debate. And it was more about discussing how the two viewpoints may differ rather than fighting out for who is right and who is wrong.

In fact, in light of the lack of civility today, I’d say this would be for people who want a more fair and open dialogue instead of everyone accusing everyone else of heresy.

Douglas Woodward took the more futurist position and Brian Godawa took the partial preterist position on the VERY FIRST PODCAST OF…

Parker’s Comparables! Parker is a friend and smart cookie podcaster. I think she’s onto something here.

You can watch it here.

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  • Donna Richardson says:

    I have tried to access the third book in the Chronicles of the Apocalypse on Amazon and can’t find it…is is out yet? If not, when should I start to look for it? Would like to get the kindle edition if possible. Thanks! (Loved the first two books in the series!)

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