The Red Pill: Feminist Discovers Men Are Not Demons

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Cassie Jaye is a feminist filmmaker who takes a look at Men’s Rights Groups and their issues through a fair and objective lens. What she finds is shocking.

I don’t care for many documentaries because most of them are “docuganda,” that is, agenda-driven propaganda in the guise of impartial “journalism.” Heck, most of them don’t even bother to pretend being impartial anymore. And it’s no surprise most of them are left wing agitprop, because, well, conservatives still don’t believe in the power of culture and media, so they’re still cursing the darkness without lighting a candle.

But The Red Pill is different. The Red Pill is fascinating. It’s riveting.  It’s the anatomy of a conversion taking place right before your eyes. All right, I’m going to give a big fat spoiler, but in this case, I think it’s actually the selling point of the film…

In the process of making the film, Cassie Jaye ends up leaving feminism.

Now, it’s not that I approve of the conversion that makes it fascinating. What you see is real live authentic honesty: someone who is truly open-minded and objective enough to let the evidence persuade her—and admit it. Wow, what a concept, eh?

I’ll have to grant one positive to the Millennial generation. Their otherwise unwise lack of privacy does provide us sometimes with a refreshing honest expression of the self.

She begins as a feminist with all the typical stereotypes and prejudice in her mind about men’s rights groups and “male privilege” of the “patriarchy.” But she gives them a fair hearing. She listens to the facts about men in society, and believe me, the facts are bold and shocking. You are not being told the truth in the Media.

And then she talks to feminists with equal time. Wow, what another concept: equality. She doesn’t spin one side to look bad and the other to look good, she doesn’t “selectively edit” or cherry pick. She gives both sides the best possible hearing. Like a documentary is supposed to do.

And through the process, she shows us her personal video diaries that she makes of her own personal journey as she struggles with her discoveries. It’s really quite refreshing to see such honesty and “wokeness” to truth over ideology.

And this ain’t fake, folks. She made documentaries on feminism and gay rights and attacking “virgin purity” promises that would make any Christian’s skin crawl. She is no self-loathing internalized submissive slave of the “patriarchy.” She’s just a feminist who thought for herself.

Revealingly, by making this film, she has been ostracized by her own community. Her doc has been censored in Canada and in Australia. She is experiencing a phenomenon that is becoming more pervasive: Liberals uncovering and facing the demagoguery, hatred and bigotry of Leftism, and being destroyed by their own for their honesty, while simultaneously discovering a wonderful world of free speech and open-minded acceptance from conservatives with whom they disagree! She joins the growing list of Dave Rubin, Laci Green and others, who are beginning to put away the feelings and look honestly at the facts.

My favorites are the Honey Badgers. Favorite group name ever. Especially if you know what honey badgers are. Here’s a hint: They’re women. But they have not taken the blue pill.

That’s all I’m going to say about it. You just have to go watch it on Amazon Prime.

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