Silent Hill

Horror. A woman ends up in a strange ghost town trying to find her daughter and rescue her from some bizarre religious fanatics and ghosts. This film was antichrist. I say that because it basically makes the point that a town had a fire along time ago that killed most of the people and it happened because of some “fundamentalist” type Christians who were judgmental witch burners caused it all. Gee, where have we seen that stereotype a hundred times before? Well, there are Christian references everywhere, like crosses, Bible verses about “judging angels” and judgment according to our deeds. A slogan on the walls, “God, Loyalty, Home, Country.” These religious people always talk about sin and sinners and “purge” the evil of sin by burning children as sacrifices, etc. The only good thing is that the leader of the sect is called “Christabella,” which in my mind works against the typical accusation of “patriarchal” domination of Christian churches. Be that as it may, it was a horrible festival of hate speech against Christian faith as cruel, judgmental, oppressors because they believe in sin, judgment and evil as wrong. The ending is just stupid and doesn’t make sense. The heroine and her daughter end up as ghosts themselves. But how, why?