Sleep Paralysis: Demons or Neuroscience? Peeranormal Podcast


I cohosted this podcast with Dr. Mike HeiserNatalinaDoug Van DornDoug Overmyer and Trey Stricklin.

Sleep paralysis can be defined in several ways. In terms of the experiencer, it can be described as “a visitation by a malevolent creature which attacked its victims as they slept” (Cox). More clinically, sleep paralysis is understood as “a transient,conscious state of involuntary immobility occurring when falling asleep or upon wakening” (Cheyne, 2002). Research into sleep paralysis has produced compelling evidence that the phenomenon can be explained by brain chemistry and physiology in conjunction with REM sleep. But is that all there is to it?

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5 comments on “Sleep Paralysis: Demons or Neuroscience? Peeranormal Podcast

  • I cannot wait to hear this. I experienced sleep paralysis for about a week straight after my son was born.

  • Cheryl Schmalz says:

    It’s there a reason it is spelled peeranormal rather than paranormal?

    Now I have experienced this paralysis. It is sheer terror as you lay there unable to move or speak. I described my experience in a comment on Brian Godawa’s wall.

    • Cheryl, it’s spelled peeranormal because we address paranormal issues through peer reviewed science and analysis rather than gossip hearsay and legends and old wives tales “Peer”anormal

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