September 23: Here’s Why Modern Bible Prophecy Pundits are Always Wrong

So, the latest conspiracy theory of Bible prophecy pundits is that September 23, 2017 will find an astronomical alignment predicted in Revelation 12 that will launch the End of Days. To be fair, not all prophecy geeks support this theory, but still, it is symbolic of the ongoing failure of all futurist End Times theories that plagues the history of Evangelical Christianity.

How are those Blood Moons working Out for You?

The basic theory is not worth the time, but I’ll quickly describe it (And, yes, there are many variations, so this is a generalization). It claims that the description of Revelation 12 is an astral prophecy that launches the rapture or other end times events leading to an “Antichrist” who claims to be the savior of our world that’s gone to hell in a hand basket. This Satanic figure masquerades as the Pope or Islamic mahdi, or whatever your idiosyncratic choice is, he makes a covenant with Israel, rebuilds the temple, reinstitutes the sacrifices, then breaks that covenant and turns on Israel, raises up the Beast and the mark of the Beast and leads all the nations into Armageddon against Jerusalem, where Jesus returns to stop it all.

This conspiracy theory has become so common, even godless secular people can recount it to you. I call it a conspiracy theory because if you examine history (see The Day and the Hour by Gummerlock) you’ll find this same kind of belief in every generation. Christians have claimed to be the final generation of the Last Days for centuries.

And they have always been wrong.

I know what you’re thinking. That doesn’t mean they are wrong now. Okay, here’s a prediction I’ll make. These new ones will be proven wrong too. How can I say this? because they are fundamentally misinterpreting Bible prophecies. Their scenario is not at all what the Scriptures are saying. More on that, later. Continue reading