The 10 Commandments is the Wall of Separation from Tyranny

Watch the YouTube Video here.

This is a second film clip from my documentary “Faith of Our Fathers” (Previously called “Wall of Separation”)

It explains how without God’s Law being higher than the law of the state, the state becomes god to the people. It’s quite monstrous. We are beginning to experience the injustices of this slide into tyranny right now.

If you think it’s an exaggeration, you are uninformed. I am studying first century Rome under Nero. Christians under Nero fought against abortion (very prevalent at the time), and homosexuality, and yes, against Big Government (which they called “The Beast”) — They preached a “higher king” than Caesar, and a higher law than the state, as well as the judgment of God upon wicked rulers. Ancient Christians were considered intolerant and non-inclusive.

They were blamed for the ills of the city and nation, including the Great Fire of AD 64.

They were called by the meme — I kid you not — “haters of the human race.”

Then came the lions.

The documentary had its name changed from Wall of Separation to:
“Faith of Our Fathers” (But it’s still the same documentary)

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