The Dragon King is Coming


A new book by Brian Godawa and Charlie Wen (past visual director of Marvel Studios).

Part of a new series, Chronicles of the Watchers. Coming January 2016 on Kindle and paperback.

LOGLINE: It’s 220 B.C. The ancient Western Empire is crumbling. In a desperate bid to save his throne, the Greek king over Babylon sends his son, a dishonored warrior, into the mysterious land of the Far East to capture a mythical creature that will give him absolute power: a Dragon.

it’s mixture of historical fact, spiritual truth, and magical realism.
Action adventure and romance.

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5 comments on “The Dragon King is Coming

  • I had a major stroke so I can’t read now, but audiobooks and the like I can read. Listening and following along in the book is the way I like to do it. Thus if you can put it in an audiobook, or PDF, or iBook or Kindle, then I can read it audio-like.

    I love the Far East (most particularly Japan), but China is a wide and vast land that has its history. Hopefully I will be able to read it.

    (We took a picture at a conference that you held at Ken Gentry church is year)

  • James Debro says:

    This new series is right up my alley. I already love Chinese history & culture (not to mention that post-flood history of China and the singular God the ancient chinese worshipped in their past. ). And also, who doesnt love having dragons around? This should be good

  • I just finished reading The Dragon King. Another great book written by Brian Godawa!!
    This one is a little different than The Chronicles of the Nephilim series, in that there aren’t as many Biblical references. Maybe a better way to put it would be that any references given are more subtle in this book. It makes you want to dig deeper to find out the full depth of the story! I believe the groundwork, for this series, is laid, getting the reader ready, with anticipation, to read Book #2!
    Thank you for the privilege of pre-reading this book.

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