Sci-fi female action. The human race has been compromised by biological viruses that turned some into vampires. Now, the state has almost completely eradicated the vampires, but one of them fights against the huge police state machine to bring freedom for her persecuted minority. Well, this is all just a little too goofy to be able to suspend one’s disbelief. Poor persecuted vampires? Come on. And the plot is very convoluted so that I could not really tell you what it was about anyway. This is part of a series of movies, probably playing off the intelligence of the Matrix series, that have these labyrinthine plots of mythology and detail that become too confusing to follow. Aeon Flux was exactly like this. So the fight scenes are okay, but you really don’t know any of the characters and so you don’t really care about any of them, let alone, Ultraviolet. Therefore, it results in a very expensive feast of BORING special effects action sequences. I was literally yawning and talking to my movie buddy through the film about other stuff.

And the other problem is that Ultraviolet is an invincible heroine, which means that her fight scenes are boring because she never appears to be able to lose, so you don’t really root for her because there is no risk, no humanness to her. As every increasing numbers of soldiers array against her and she says, “You’re all going to die,” I said to myself, “whatever.” And it just gets ludicrous that they pile up in the hundreds against her. When will these action filmmakers realize that its good story that ultimately makes a good film, and lots of box office bucks?