WMD: The Murderous Regime of Saddam Hussein

Highly Recommended. A moving documentary that will make you weep. It chronicles Saddam Hussein’s use of weapons of mass destruction on his own people. Oh, did we all forget THAT proof of WMD already? The film opens with a poorly done intro by the financeer, who is a terrible narrator, but then it dissolves into excellent footage and editing that is derived from two amazing films made by Kurdish Iraqi filmmaker, Jano Rosebiani. We see the torture chambers, see a handful of the over 90 villages that Saddam destroyed, a mere smattering of the gassed victims, hear testimonies of survivors of Chemical Ali’s evils, and see a few other heinous evils he inflicted on the KURDISH PEOPLE, THE SUNNIS, AND SHI’ITES. Yes, Hussein and his Baathist followers were politically sensitive with their equal opportunity torture and multicultural treatment of all Muslims. This film is so moving, you must try to see it. But it’s going to be hard to find at a theater. But you can get info on it about where it will be and when it will be available at www.wmd-themovie.com