Worldview Teaching for Young Adults – Send Your Kids This Summer.

I taught at one of Summit’s institutes on worldviews. They’re fabulous.

Have you noticed how young Bernie Sanders’s supporters are? These are our future leaders and they don’t know enough about history or economics to know that socialism is a failure.

Can I make a strong suggestion? Send every 16-to-21-year-old you know and love to Summit Ministries this summer. Summit’s focus is preparing godly leaders who stay strong in their faith and take a stand for what is right and true. For more than 50 years families have trusted Summit. Their graduates are leaders in every facet of society.

The Summit course is 12 days long and features personal contact with top thought leaders in economics, biblical worldview, philosophy, and social issues. Courses are available all summer long in Colorado, Tennessee, and California.

Now is the time to invest in preparing mature, thoughtful, focused, alert young leaders. Summit is key. That’s why I’m honored to be on their board of reference for this outstanding organization and encourage you to reserve a spot for this summer.

Click here to watch the Summit experience video and see first-hand what life is like at a Summit Student Conference. Another bonus for you and your student is that all registrations received on our website before 5 p.m. Mountain Time on March 31st will receive a $200 early bird discount.

And thanks to Summit donors who want to see every seat filled, we’ve reduced our Tennessee and California registration fees by ANOTHER $200.