A Hollywood Movie of Real-World Faith: It Ain’t War Room, It’s Captive


I saw an advanced screening of this movie. The powerful true story of Ashley Smith, a meth addict, who got taken hostage by murderer Brian Nichols years ago. Through providential timing, Ashley reads Rick Warren’s The Purpose Drive Life to Brian, and it changes their world.

This is not an easy answers story, and the Gospel is not bellowed in your face. It’s not a “Christian Movie.” It points toward forgiveness and redemption in Christ without explaining everything. It’s not preachy, it’s complex and sometimes ambiguous, you know, like real life. But it doesn’t worship Rick Warren either. It tells the true story as it happened.

The “God’s Not Dead” crowd will not like it cause there is no sinner’s prayer, and everyone doesn’t get saved with a Christian rock band at the end of the movie. Kendricks Brothers fans will not like it because it has great acting, realistic evil, and everything isn’t wrapped up in a perfect little American Christian panacea genie Jesus with a bow.

The casting is perfect, the acting is riveting, the writing is very good. It’s not perfect, but If you are a Christian longing for good Hollywood movies that portray Christianity positively, or even fairly, stop merely complaining and support this movie, cause that’s how more of them are made.

If you don’t weep at the beauty of redemption in this story, I’ll give you your money back.
(Okay, not really, but I’m telling you, it is heart-wrenching and powerful)

See Rick Warren interview David Oyelowo here, at the 56 minute mark.

Captive opens next Friday, September 18.
Remember, opening week is the key to success. Go see it.

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  • The Saddleback church link just directs to their most recent sermon, which does not have the interview. I found it going back a couple messages.

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