What is the Book of Revelation All About? Hint: It’s Not What They Told You.

I was on Nick Peter’s Deeper Waters Apologetics Podcast. It was a great interview. Lively, informative and exhaustive on the topic of the book of Revelation and the “last days” of Jesus’ teaching.  Boy, have modern prophecy pundits got it all wrong.

Listen to it here.

We talked about my journey of how I changed my mind in eschatology, as well as the book of Revelation and how it fits in the first century context. It will blow your mind. Nick is quite smart and knows how to ask penetrating questions that get right to the point.

And if you want to read his book review of my book Tyrant, click here.

He also reviewed my book End Times Bible Prophecy, here.



3 comments on “What is the Book of Revelation All About? Hint: It’s Not What They Told You.

  • I really like this author. His aporoach to the topic of A.D. 70 is so simple and easy to understand, a child could grasp it. I really like his organization and constant biblical references. I recommed the book to anyone interested in knowing what the end of the age truly is, and to whom it applies.

  • I LOVED your interview with Nick Peters, and shared it! I could so relate to everything you said. I was exposed as a teenager to Hal Lindsey and his ilk, i am stunned as you are that anyone pays any attention to him AT ALL any more. sigh. Can’t wait to read the book! God bless.


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