Cast of Characters – Cruel Logic

As a first-year student navigates the perilous waters of a modern woke university engulfed in student unrest, a serial killer captures professors and records his discussions with them. The topic of debate: his moral right to kill them. And the criminal psychology professor who knows the killer best must help the cops find him, while being drawn into the labyrinth by his own inner demons. It’s like American Psycho in the American university.


Character Images created by Cam Harless.
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Charles Cullen

A brilliant university professor from Great Britain who is also a ruthless killer. He escapes from a State Hospital and begins a killing spree of university professors that consists of them debating for their lives. He is eventually called The Philosopher Killer and he is pulling detective Van Til and psychologist Kallinger into his spider web of rational madness.


Dr. Joseph Kallinger

A professor of criminal psychology at Thomas Burke University (TBU), who examined Charles Cullen for a murder trial. He is torn between worlds, trying to revive Western Civilization courses at a woke university that won’t have it, and now he’s been called in to help Detective Van Til find Cullen who has escaped from the State Hospital. But he is haunted by his Jewish religious past and is violating college policy by having an affair with his doctoral student, Anna.


Anna Zwanziger

A doctoral student in forensic psychology who is having an affair with her faculty advisor, Dr. Kallinger. She is drawn into the search for the killer Cullen because she had interviewed him earlier for her dissertation. Unfortunately, Cullen’s taken an interest in her, and now he’s escaped.


Detective Cornelius Van Til

A burnt-out cop who originally caught the murderer Charles Cullen the first time. Now he has to track down the escaped Philosopher Killer with the help of Dr. Kallinger. He harbors a dark secret of shame that motivates his every move and could cripple the investigation.


Danny Ranes

A freshman at Thomas Burke University. Evangelical Christian. He is smitten by beautiful Shavonda Jackson, who introduces him to social justice, identity politics, diversity, equity and inclusion. Danny begins a journey of deconstructing his faith and is drawn into a network of radical activism that forces him to make a dangerous choice that may change his life forever.


Shavonda Charleston

A second-year student at Thomas Burke University. She is a beautiful black young woman who takes an interest in Danny Ranes. Because they share a Christian background, she becomes his tutor in the labyrinth of wokeness that drives the university. But she is not teaching him everything she knows until he is ready to become more radical.


Juan Corona

An ex-MS-13 murderer who escapes the State Hospital with Charles Cullen. He is a religious devotee of Palo Mayombe, a syncretism of Catholicism and Voodoo. Is he helping Cullen in his new murders or is he just a distraction for something else much darker?


Edward Marchenko

A Russian foreign exchange art student at TBU. He is obsessed with Anna Zwanziger and keeps popping up at opportune moments. She considers him a harmless incel with a crush on her. But he also has a morbid fascination with death and all things Charles Cullen. He may prove to be a link in finding the escaped killer on the run. Or he may become a suspect himself.


Terri Rachels

A disturbed groupie of Charles Cullen who has fallen in love with him while he is in the State Hospital. And she visits him regularly. When Cullen escapes, is she the first place he will hide or is she part of a much darker plan that no one has yet considered?


Faculty Professors


Arthur Shawcross

Philosophy professor at TBU and regular visitor of the risqué bar, Plato’s Cave. He’s new to the university and doesn’t know Cullen. But he’s one of Danny Ranes’s teachers who seeks to disabuse Danny’s Christianity from any possibility of a legitimate connection between faith and reason. And then he deconstructs rational ethics.


Dr. Belle Gunness

Visiting professor of Comparative Literature at TBU. Belle is a black trans woman who teaches postmodernism. Belle will moderate a formal debate between Dr. Kallinger and Dr. Pommerencke on criminal nature, a debate that the escaped killer Cullen will secretly attend.


Dr. Heinrich Pommerencke

German psychologist and psycholinguist. He argues for the biological causation of criminal insanity because he has a materialist worldview and does not accept a spiritual or immaterial consciousness in humans. Dr. Kallinger engages in a formal debate with Dr. Pommerencke on campus about this very thing.


Dr. Richard Macek

An evolutionary biologist at TBU who will introduce Danny Ranes to the universal acid of Darwinian evolution. Dr. Macek is permanently disabled, in a wheelchair, but has a strong will to power and a strong hunger for beautiful students like Anna.


Dr. Christa Lehman

A feminist lesbian teacher of gender studies at TBU. Danny will visit her class with Shavonda and be initiated into the ideas of Queer Theory, whose ultimate nemesis is Christianity and Western Civilization. According to Dr. Lehman, norms of the oppressive Patriarchy must be dismantled and Danny’s faith deconstructed.


Dr. Elizabeth Bathory

Vice Chancellor of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (D.E.I.), pronouns: she/her. She becomes Danny Ranes’s boss when he gets a job in the D.E.I. office. As chief diversity officer, she has the power to enforce the laws of political correctness on campus. And she definitely will.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Inquiry Board


P.O.C.A.Z. Autonomous Zone


The Social Justice Warriors (Antifa chapter)


Sex Week on Thomas Burke University Campus