A Clear Lens Podcast: I just can’t shut up about Silence or The Shack.

I love these guys. They love movies and Jesus, and we don’t always see eye to eye, but that’s what makes it such engaging discourse. We talked about how powerful the Shack was, but where it failed in a full picture of the Gospel. And with Silence, we dug deep. Some of them liked it more than I did, but after talking, we did agree on the most important thing of all, and that was quite profound…

Take a listen to us talk about The Shack and Silence on their podcast here.

4 comments on “A Clear Lens Podcast: I just can’t shut up about Silence or The Shack.

  • Excellent points, Brian! Loved the discussion, and it was interesting to see how you guys hashed out differences. I only wish the hosts could have been more articulate; then the podcast would have been easier to listen to. All the stuttering and hesitation made it hard to track with their points.
    I was astounded by your review of Silence and the arguments you made in the podcast. I wish I could see movies the way you do!
    Regarding Makoto Fujimura, I know a lot of Christians who like his work. I was planning to read his book because of how it relates to Silence. I think I’ll read it anyway, but I now I will know what ideas to be careful of.

    • Thanks, Hannah. There seems to be a divide between Christians over whether the apostasy in the movie is incarnation or rationalization. As you heard, I see it as rationalization. Thanks for your openness to listen!

      • I struggled with Silence, so I appreciate that you set things straight regarding the movie. Situational ethics tend to become whirlpools of confusion, but the important thing is which interpretation rings true with the Bible. That’s what I thought made your review so excellent.

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