Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Kills. The Cruel Logic Interview of Brian Godawa

I was on Midwest Christian Outreach to talk about my book Cruel Logic, as well as narrative apologetics.

Most of us, perhaps all of us, develop at least some of our worldview by a sort of intellectual osmosis.

It comes from the books, magazines, and news sources we read, television and movies we watch and the peer groups with whom we associate.

As we engage with these sources, we rarely consider the virtually unfiltered underlying worldview that is being taken into our mind.

There are new offerings from Christian authors conveying defense of the faith in novels that is a natural part of the story without resorting to what might be termed “Jesus smuggling.”

“Cruel Logic: The Philosopher Killer” is a Theological Thriller Novel that poses the question, “Could You Defend Your Beliefs if Your Life Depended on it?”

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