Gosnell: A Movie About America’s Most Notorious Serial Killer. And Why You Don’t Know About Him.

True story of the Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell whose infanticide and other criminal activities were ignored by the government and the media for decades, resulting in the cover-up of the worst serial killer in American history.

I got to see an advance screener of this new amazing movie coming out in October. Keep your eyes open for it. I’ll remind you on this blog when it’s out.

Right off the bat, this is NOT a pro-life political movie. It is a detective legal drama about a serial killer and how justice was delayed for a criminal monster. It is a movie about the cover-up of crimes and how the system and political bias of those in power feed that cover-up. This is no different than Erin Brockovich, Michael Clayton, Spotlight, The Insider, The Verdict, A Civil Action, China Syndrome and many other Hollywood conspiracy movies. The only difference is that Gosnell is about a politically incorrect villain so you would have never had the opportunity to see this unique movie if it were not for the brave, courageous storytelling of its producers, Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney (They also wrote a NYT Bestselling book by the same title). I have mentioned previously on this blog that I have had the privilege to work with them and I believe they are two of the most heroic storytellers in filmmaking today.

Secondly, this is NOT a gross-out horror movie (though it could easily have been). There are no in-your-face grotesque images of what Gosnell actually did. Yes, creepy images at times, but not gruesome. The director, Nick Searcy, had the creative foresight to understand that it would take the focus off the amazing story and turn off their mainstream audience. It would also get them branded as “Anti-abortion propagandists” by the Media Goliath. This movie is no more explicit than an episode of most television legal or detective procedurals.

It’s safe to watch.

This is actually a detective and legal drama that focuses on the detective who was a part of uncovering the crimes, James Wood (played by Dean Cain), and the D.A., a “pro-choice” liberal (played by Sarah Jane Morris) who both seek the truth no matter where it leads. Hers is a deeply personal journey of discovery and the honesty it takes to face one’s own bias in a world of high stakes and consequences.

That pursuit of truth, regardless of political affiliation, is mostly absent from our once-great culture. Those who are in power in the most influential institutions of the government and the media use their positions of influence to promote their political agenda and destroy their opponents, NOT to uncover the truth. Truth dies in darkness. And that of course is the theme of Gosnell.

The Genesis of Discovery, the Origin of Evil…

It starts as a drug investigation into Gosnell’s clinic providing illegal drug prescriptions that also lead to illegal medical procedures and ultimately unreported patient’s deaths. As the detective and D.A. discover that Gosnell’s clinic looks like a madhouse without hygiene or regulation, they think this is just a matter of incredible government incompetence. But when they uncover the doctor’s collection of baby feet in the fridge and the testimony of assistants who help him to birth live babies and then kill them, they soon realize something more is going on.

When the police meet Gosnell in his clinic, it’s a creepy scene. In fact, every scene Gosnell is in he is creepy. He is not an outwardly diabolical Hannibal Lecter suave devil. He acts like a bumbling old family doctor who might have dementia because he doesn’t even recognize the seriousness of the police raid on his office. But we soon discover that he is not mentally ill, he is a soulless sociopath who has no empathy for humanity. Even though he has a family, which makes it even creepier.

Another cool element of the movie is its use of a female blogger who helps uncover the truth. Of course, she’s not considered a “legitimate news reporter” in the eyes of the traditional media or the detectives on the case. But that independent spirit proves to be the one true reporter in a Media full of lies of both commission and omission. Another powerful revelation of the systemic problem with our dominant “news media.”

Capturing Gosnell is only the first half of this story. They have to go through a trial, and face a defense attorney played by Nick Searcy, who promotes all the false narratives that were used to cover up this monster. It’s an amazing corrective lesson in how law is used to promote injustice. It’s not easy for truth to get out when no one in the media even covers the story. Literally, NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON in the Media showed up for the trial of the biggest serial killer in American history (until that blogger does her thing).

This movie is not really about abortion, it is about infanticide, something that both Left and Right should be able to agree upon. Birthing live babies and then murdering them is not abortion in any possible world of sanity or morality. If you are a “pro-choice” person, you should have complete agreement with the pro-lifers on the moral message of this movie. Infanticide is something that no humane person could possibly justify or dismiss.

This is a movie every political viewpoint should be able to get behind.

But the truth is they won’t. Those on the Left will not support this movie for the same reason that the movie exposed that the Left, the government and the media ignored it in the first place. It will be the same reason why this perfectly good independent movie could not get traditional distribution.

Because “pro-choice” is a totalitarian ideology of those in power that will ignore, avoid, or whitewash infanticide because they are worried that it may lead people to question the unholy sacrament of abortion.

It’s as simple

and evil

as that.

They would rather allow thousands murdered outside of the womb in order to protect their “right” to murder millions inside the womb.

Go see this movie in October. If you’re always complaining about how Hollywood attacks you and tries to destroy your values, then support this movie. Believe me, I am working with the producer on other projects, and this is not a generic appeal. It is literally true that if Gosnell is successful, you will get more fascinating movies like it, and I can tell you there are more GREAT stories that are in the pipeline waiting for you to vote with your viewing.

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  • Thank you for letting me know about this. I have enjoyed all of your books, I also saw you on utube with Gilbert. I recently received the Defender Bible from SkyWatchTV. Now I know where you got the names of the archangels in some of the books. I’m reading Enoch at the present. Thank you in advance for all the new books you will write. Sue Ramilo

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    Thank you so much for this alert. I look forward to seeing this story on film soon.

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