Meet the Fockers

Not really recommended. The sequel to the hilarious Meet the Parents. This one is the flip side in it’s theme. Whereas Meet the Parents was about meeting the uptight overbearing conservative parents, this one is about those people meeting their opposites, the Fockers, who are bleeding heart liberal loosey goosey 60s rejects. So the comedy of errors comes as a clever culture clash between conservative and liberal. Of course, the movie predictably favors the liberal parents, played by Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand. The endless sex jokes get tiring. Streisand is a sex therapist for seniors, so that’s what keeps every scene she is in about sex. And also predictably, the DeNiro character, is an uptight conservative whose redemption is found in his need to have more sex with this wife. This is really revelatory in that this is truly what liberal ideologues believe, that conservatives are hung up on sex and their whole problem in life is that they need to loosen up and just have some fun sex. Not only is this amazingly shallow, it’s simply untrue. Statistics have come out recently illustrating that religious conservative people generally have more fulfilled sex lives, and that religious women in particular have more and better orgasms. Well, that aside, there’s not much to say about this movie, cause it was a bit tiring. The funniest line of the first movie, “I’m watching you” with DeNiro gesturing to his eyes, was overexploited in this movie with DeNiro teaching a baby how to do “I’m watching you.”