Omega Frequency: Persecuted Christians Under Nero – Similar to What’s Coming

This was a great interview I had with BDK on the Omega Frequency podcast.

Listen to it here.

Episode 94 features an in-depth look at some of the challenges the first generation of Christians faced while living under the rule of Nero. Under the Emperor Nero Rome prided it self on it’s multiculturalism. Early Christians faced many of the same cultural issues we face today. It might shock people to learn that under Rome, Christians had to stand against issues that we find ourselves wrestling with today. Because they would not compromise their faith, Nero branded them “the haters of the world”! Nero also blames the Great Fire of Rome on the Christians. This leads to the horrific persecution of the early church including the martyrdom of the apostles Peter and Paul. How did the earliest followers of Christ stand firm in their faith while living under the rule of a tyrant?

Of course, Christians in Muslim majority countries are already being persecuted in a similar manner. But it is rising in the U.S. too.

2 comments on “Omega Frequency: Persecuted Christians Under Nero – Similar to What’s Coming

  • Dictatorships punish all dissenters and people involved in movements the gov. deems might oppose them in the present or future, i.e., not just “Christians.”

    On the other hand we have more Christians in Congress, and even creationist Christians in the present day Trump cabinet than I can ever remember seeing.

    • And yet, it is not Muslims or any other religious people who are being sued and fined for their religious beliefs in America. It is Christians. The fear of a Christian theocracy is one of the most bizarre deluded conspiracy theories I have ever seen, especially in a country where Sharia law is being allowed to encroach in areas like Michigan etc. So we see schools in San Diego adopting Muslim sharia compliant teaching, while crying separation of church and state when Christians want to have Bible studies in their schools.

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