2 comments on “This One Word Changes Everything in the Book of Revelation

  • I read J. Stuart Russell back in the early 1990s and was forever changed by it. So much is simplified when we begin t o understand the “Scriptures” are about a bloodline, a Kingdom, a family, a Person, a destiny, with all of human history contained, and was concluded with the simple words ” It is finished”. The Seed of the woman had crushed the Serpent’s head.
    Most folks simply don’t realize that Jesus was NOT a Christian pastor teaching in a Church. Or that Malachi 4:5 was fulfilled in Matthew 11:11- 28 and the declaration of the coming JUDGEMENT and the Day of The Lord which was fulfilled along with everything else prophesied about the coming messiah…WITH THOSE SAME WORDS. Or maybe some folks think jesus failed in his mission on earth!?? Great Stuff Brian!!! Tell it!!

    • Thanks, Craig. I think that this understanding is really growing. More and more Christians are seeing the failure of futurist paradigms and the sensible scriptural paradigm of preterism.


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