Please Support these Most Courageous Storytellers in Hollywood

Here is an opportunity to do something active regarding changing our culture for the better.

Phelim McAleer and his wife Ann McElhinney, are the most boldly courageous filmmakers I have met. I am working with Phelim on a project so this is very personal to me. This is not just an idea or a distant and cold cultural observation.

Take a look at their trail of storytelling righteousness…

They spoke truth to the power of Big Green by making the documentary Frack Nation. This doc uncovered the malicious lies of the anti-fracking movement and “documentary” Gasland. They raised their own funds through Kickstarter to make it. It’s now on Netflix and Amazon Video. They showed the truth about fracking, that quite literally has saved our nation.

Phelim and Ann made history by raising their own funds of a couple million dollars to make a feature film (and book) about America’s worst serial killer, Hermit Gosnell. The press and everybody ignored this monster because he was an abortionist who engaged in infanticide. You read that right. Infanticide, not merely abortion. I’ve seen the movie, called, Gosnell. It’s a good movie. And it’s a courtroom drama, not a politicized piece. It has no gruesome pictures. It’s about the humanity of those who uncovered his dark crimes. But no distributor in Hollywood will touch it, because, well, Infanticide is a woman’s right to the Left. So Phelim and Ann are raising their own funds to distribute.

The New York Times suppressed their book about Gosnell from their best-sellers list, because, well, infanticide is a woman’s right to the  NYT.

When Kickstarter found out about the Gosnell project, it banned them from their website, because, well, infanticide is a woman’s right to Kickstarter. So Phelim and Ann went to Indiegogo, a more tolerant and inclusive fundraising website for their next projects…

Then the judge in the court case of Gosnell sued them because he was afraid he would be depicted unfairly in the movie as a corrupt establishment bureaucrat. This is unprecedented for a judge to do something this foolish. But of course, evil never sleeps.

Then Phelim and Ann stood up to the corrupt Clinton government machine and dramatized the FBI depositions about the investigation into Hillary’s illegal email server. This was an original approach of dramatizing the actual transcripts called Verbatim Theater. Just the facts, because those facts are being covered over in the media. They are on YouTube called “Clinton Emails on Film.”

Then they raised their own funds again with Indiegogo to do one of the most fearlessly heroic speaking of truth to power I’ve seen. Phelim dramatized the transcripts from the Ferguson trial. No editorial additions or suppression of facts, no political spin. He did it Verbatim Theatre again. He literally had actors portray the real witnesses in trials and they reproduce their exact testimonies, verbatim *from the transcripts,* not fictionalized like on TV. It’s like you are there at the court case. It is riveting, and truly groundbreaking.

Ferguson: Truth Matters opened in LA and did well. Even though many of the original cast walked out in protest because they didn’t like the facts that the Ferguson trial revealed. The facts of a fair and impartial jury. “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” is a satanic lie that continues to perpetuate cop-hatred and racism.

Now, Phelim is bringing that Verbatim Theatre production of Ferguson: Truth Matters to New York. They need to raise funds again. Please consider supporting these bold and courageous storytellers to present truth that is needed today. Truth that is uniting, not dividing. Truth that stomps on lies. Truth against racism. Truth against bigotry and intolerance. Truth against power.

You don’t have to be able to go to New York to see it. Financially supporting righteous filmmakers with even small donations is helping to fight the racism and bigotry that dominates the Media and entertainment consciousness.

Go here to see the Indiegogo campaign pitch. Please consider supporting them. Christians and conservatives need to stop merely cursing the media darkness and light some creative candles of truth. Ferguson: Truth Matters is one of those few candles of truth that needs your lighting.

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