How One Little Word Changes Everything in the Book of Revelation – Do You Know What it is?

I wrote this article that Gary DeMar has published on his website here.

It’s about how we tend to misread Revelation because of one little poorly translated word: “earth.”

Read the article to find out how the correct translation of that word changes everything.

This is an honor for me, because Gary’s work on the End Times is one of the most influential on my view.


Wars and Rumors of Wars: What Jesus Really Said

This author changed my view of the End Times.

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You know that I don’t often recommend books to buy other than my own. And also, you know that Remnant is coming out soon, so I wouldn’t normally do this at this time.

But this author, Gary DeMar has been so influential on my own understanding of the End Times that I dedicated my entire Chronicles of the Apocalypse to him (and Ken Gentry).

I asked him if he would give me a special discount for my fans, and he did!

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I am not exaggerating. This guy is one of the clearest and most biblical writers on the topic.


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